Despite polling improvements following her lauded appearance in the Fox News “early debate” on August 6, it appears the methodology being used to determine the candidate lineup for the September 16 CNN Republican debate may keep Carly Fiorina off the primetime stage as well.


Report from The Hill:

Carly Fiorina supporters are criticizing CNN’s debate criteria that could prevent the former Hewlett-Packard CEO from grabbing a spot on the main stage at the second debate despite her surging poll numbers.

They say that CNN’s decision to include polls from before the first presidential debate will work against Fiorina, who didn’t make the main stage at the Aug. 6 Fox News debate in Cleveland but surged after a strong performance during the undercard debate.

Two separate CNN and Fox News polls released earlier this week showed Fiorina in the middle of the pack of the crowded field with 5 percent in each poll.

Fiorina lacked significant national name recognition and was hovering at about 1 percent in most polls before the first debate.

Officially, Fiorina campaign spokeswoman Anna Epstein said that they “aren’t weighing in on this topic right now.”

Before the first Republican debate, Fiorina was polling around one percent. After the debate, she shot up to the middle around five or six percent depending on the poll, more than enough to garner a spot in prime time. However, CNN’s decision to take a polling average from July 16 to September 10 may yet still leave her missing the mark.

I can’t understand why CNN is relying on polls which occurred before the first debate. It will rob candidates of progress they’ve made and also reward candidates who lost ground due to a lackluster performance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN changes their dates to use only polls which occurred after August 6 depending on how much criticism they receive on the topic.