It looks as though the official Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) website, located at, has been hacked. I’ve captured some screenshots below. This is as of 10:49am ET on January 5, 2015.


So far there are no other stories I can find on this subject or any information. Proceed with caution if you click on the link and visit the site in this current state. I’d recommend staying safe and only viewing the screenshots below.

Debates.Org Hacked1

Debates.Org Hacked2

Also, here’s a PDF captured of the content on the page: Debates.Org Hacked.pdf (PDF)

The page contains a link to some Facebook hacking team which I’d rather not link to directly. Stay tuned for more updates…

Update #1: 11:07am ET

The Hackers call themselves the “Makers Hacking Team” and “Al-Far3aPirate” – both can be found by a Google search. There also appears to be an Islamic connection when examining text on the hacked page. The hacked pages appear to contain anti-Israel messages.

Update #2: 11:26am ET

Apparently no one else has noticed besides us so I don’t even know when the site may have been overtaken. Few people are focusing on 2016 debates right now so you wouldn’t notice unless you visit the CPD website on a regular basis.

Update #3: 12:28pm ET

Still no other sources of information about this hack. We seem to be the only website reporting on it.

Update #4: 12:37pm ET

The group is claiming credit on their Facebook page. See screenshot below.

Debates.Org Hacked3

More to come as details emerge.

Update #5: 4:38pm ET

As of this time, the CPD website is back and functioning as normal. The hijacked content has been removed. Still no further details on the breach.