Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, is calling for more inclusiveness in the 2016 presidential debates to allow third-party candidates a greater voice in the process.


Report from Sunshine State News:

“The most powerful weapon the two ‘major’ parties use to exclude other candidates from serious consideration is their Commission on Presidential Debates,” Johnson insisted on Monday. “Yes, that ‘Commission,’ regardless of its official-sounding name, is theirs. It was created in 1987 by the Republican and Democrat national parties, and is a private organization funded by special interests and run by a board of — you guessed it — Republicans and Democrats. There is nothing nonpartisan about it, and they have made no secret of their desire to keep anyone other than their own two nominees off the debate stage.”

Johnson and his Our American Initiative are “mounting an aggressive campaign to break up the Republican-Democrat control of the nationally-televised presidential debates” including releasing a new video.

The question of where the threshold should be set for candidates to have a podium on the debate stage is an entire debate in and of itself. The last time we saw someone on stage who wasn’t from either major party was, of course, Ross Perot in 1992. Since that time, no other third-party candidates have reached the threshold set by the Commission on Presidential Debates to be included.